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Rail Control Center Power Coordinator (20793)

We are seeking Rail Control Center (RCC) Power Coordinators to join our growing team. 


Our RCC Power Coordinators will report to the Testing & Commission (T&C) Train Operator and will provide a vital function for a major rail project entering into the testing and commissioning phase.

Primary Duties:

RCC Power Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • Establishing the limits of energization of traction power within the ESA track territory.
  • Providing coordination for energization or de-energization of traction power with ESA Power Director, 3rd party contractors and train operations.
  • Reviewing Electric Work Permits, MOPs and other construction work plans as they apply to the planning for energization and de-energization of traction power; and directing the 3rd party contractors on when they can energize and de-energize the traction power.
  • Coordinating the RAWP and RMP with the ESA Power Director and CS084 Contractor for energization and de-energization of the traction power.
  • Coordinating with the train operation regarding RAWP and RMP requests.
  • Confirming Project Contractors’ compliance with RAAP, RAWP and RMP.
  • Providing 24/7 emergency call line capable of providing up to date information as to which sections of the ESA track are energized.


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