How does a company successfully expand into new markets without watering down their existing brand? CDL Electric’s Signal Services team recently faced this very challenge after growing their long-established industry leading signal service and maintenance offering into signal design, manufacturing and installation.

To help with this challenge, CDL called on RailPros and our Media Services team to concept, write and create a series of promotional videos that showcase CDL’s products and services. RailPros Media Services conducted interviews with CDL owners, employees and customers alike to design a message that resonates with potential customers – a message that remains true to CDL’s story while creating excitement about what’s to come.

Filmed on location over five days, CDL and RailPros crews worked hard to capture inspiring imagery and audio to build these stories. The series of videos are used at trade shows, in meetings and on social media, to help the CDL team generate new leads and start conversations. And what company doesn’t love a little help in this area?