California High Speed Rail - BNSF Plan Review

RailPros is providing the BNSF with plan and specification review for California High Speed Rail Agency (CHSRA) Construction Packages 1 thru 4 between Madera, CA and Bakersfield, CA, with a combined construction cost in excess of $2.5 billion. The services include review of overhead structures, intrusion barriers, track realignment, drainage, access, and utility relocations. Construction Package (CP) 1 from Madera, CA to American Ave. south of Fresno, CA has seven grade separations over BNSF which includes one rail-over-rail crossing and numerous utility relocations along the BNSF’s Stockton Subdivision. CP 2-3 from E. American Ave. to one mile north of the Tulare-Kern County Line along the BNSF Bakersfield Subdivision, with two rail-over rail, ten grade separations and three track relocations along the 60+ mile section with more than one-third of the HSR alignment parallel to BNSF.

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