City of Evanston Rail Park Study

RailPros managed and provided engineering services for concept track plans for the proposed rail served industrial park in the vicinity of Evanston, WY. This project consisted of evaluating potential sites for rail services considering access to the UPRR Evanston Subdivision and railroad design requirements. Other considerations such as wetland impacts and utilities were used to determine possible sites for locating this rail park. One site was located south of the city which was favorable by the city and other stakeholders. The track layout consisted of two No. 15 turnouts on either end of the project off of the mainline, an interchange yard consisting of three tracks and allowing for future tracks, and a lead into the rail park. UPRR 10 percent design prints were developed and submitted to UPRR for review and approval. A preliminary cost estimate was developed based on the 10 percent design and a future lead and runaround track into the site.

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