Metrolink Roadway Worker Protection Training for Employees & Contractors

When Metrolink, the nations 3rd largest commuter rail system, needed to ensure its' employees, flagmen, and third-party contractors were in compliance with 49 CFR 214 Subpart C and railroad operating practices, they turned to Roadway Worker Training to help design and develop a blended-learning railroad training program. RWT and Metrolink devised a multi-tiered training program - with each tier representing the appropriate level of instruction required for various railroad jobs and requirements. The first tier of training is a basic introduction to railroad safety, policies and procedures and must be completed on-line prior to participating in class-room instruction to complete any further requirements and exams. Upon successful completion of training, students receive credentials that allow them access to Metrolink railroad property. RWT maintains electronic records of the Tier 1 training to ensure compliance with 49 CFR 214.343 (d). With this new railroad training, Metrolink and its governing agency, Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) are confident that all employees and contractors are receiving effective compliance and safety training delivered with the professionalism and consistency of message that reflects their own mission and values.

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