RailPros Utility Permitting


The RailPros Utility Permitting Team members are experts in working through the complex issues surrounding railroad utility permits. We understand the railroad and transit requirements needed to keep your project on time and on track. Our team reviews the feasibility of the proposed utility installation prior to submitting the railroad application to meet the specific railroad’s requirements. This minimizes the back and forth and reduces the time it takes to receive approval and agreement from the railroad. The experienced RailPros Utility Permitting Team processes permits for:

  • Wireline Crossings
  • Pipeline Crossings
  • Parallel Utility Encroachments
  • Maintenance Access
  • Rights-of-Entry
  • Drainage Structures

We realize that every utility is unique. That’s why RailPros tailors our programs to meet your specific requirements. We are available to handle all segments of the utility permitting process. Pick and choose select tasks for us to cover or let us manage the entire process:

  • Review railroad feasibility for proposed installation or utility alignment
  • Check designs prepared by the utility to ensure compliance with railroad standards
  • Design and prepare a full plan and profile to meet each railroad’s specifications
  • Prepare and submit online or paper permit applications to railroads
  • Monitor and provide updates on application status
  • Coordinate communication between your company and the railroad
  • Provide guidance through the railroad inspection and flagging process
  • Review of existing licenses/easements for specific terms and conditions

RailPros Utility Permitting Services Benefits

  • One resource to handle all aspects of the railroad permitting process
  • Reduced risk and liability to utility
  • Engineering staff equipped with railroad standards
  • Ensures utility design meets or exceeds railroad requirements
  • Frees up utility staff to stay focused on other real estate acquisitions
  • We speak and understand railroad terminology
  • Keep projects on schedule by reducing permitting delays
  • Reduces delay penalties and railroad damage claims
  • A dedicated staff representative to monitor all railroad projects for each client

The RailPros Real Estate Team understands that you have numerous applications to submit to numerous railroads and tracking all those applications can be difficult.  So, we make it easy for you to submit your plans and projects for RailPros to manage and track.  Simply use the RailPros Utility Permitting Client portal to provide project details online and we’ll take it from there – giving it a comprehensive compliance and engineering review before submitting it to the railroad.

Let us use our railroad expertise to help you keep your project on time and on budget.

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