Oceanside Quiet Zones

Oceanside Quiet Zones - RailPros Project

RailPros provided design and project management services for the development of safety improvements at seven multi-track at-grade crossings. Improvements involved crossing and pedestrian safety, trespassing and sealed corridors, traffic signal interconnection, and other safety measures. Five intersections were planned to be compliant with FRA standards for a quiet zone. RailPros’ scope included performing site studies and safety analysis, stakeholder diagnostic meetings and coordination, engineering design, and construction management.

Project Location:

Oceanside, CA

Departments Involved:

Engineering Design, Program & Project Management, Inspection, Construction Management

Additional Information:

The project involved multiple railroad operators (Coaster, Sprinter, Amtrak, Metrolink, and BNSF) and coordination with multiple agencies, stakeholders, and regulators (CPUC, FRA, SANDAG, Caltrans, the City, and adjacent property owners).

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