RailPros provided railroad and PUC coordination support as well as traffic engineering, railroad signal, and grade crossing design services. The project required a widening of County Road 13 and adding signals to the intersection of Highway 34 and County Road 13. The design work involved rail upgrades, grade crossing surface replacement, and three new traffic signals.

With tracks used by three commuter rail lines, Amtrak, and two freight lines; the City of Oceanside is home to San Diego County’s busiest station outside of downtown San Diego – and increasingly so, as the City anticipated as many as 90 train trips per day by 2020. Oceanside residents, as a result, were plagued by train horns sounding at any and all hours of the day. To mitigate this complaint, the City planned renovations to make five intersections compliant with Federal Railway Administration (FRA) standards for a quiet zone, within which train horns would no longer be used. Required safety improvements included drop-down sidewalk gates; driveway, sidewalk, and roadway modifications; and updates to traffic and railroad signals.

RailPros oversaw the project design, coordinating with numerous stakeholder agencies to identify issues and solutions at each crossing. From there, the team developed concept exhibits detailing the proposed improvements and how to implement them.

RailPros continued working with the City of Oceanside to provide construction management services until the project was completed in May 2019. Upon construction completion, rail authorities performed inspections to ensure all requirements were met, and the Quiet Zone officially went into effect in June 2019.