Our tech capabilities enable you to improve track training, streamline safety briefings, and more.

RailPros offers innovative online and app-based solutions for the railroad industry. This includes the online Track Physical Characteristics (PC) Training Application, and the “Rule of the Day” App. Each of these products can be tailored to meet your company’s unique needs, while providing an enhanced training experience for your teams, or a smoother safety briefing for employees in the field.

Track Physical Characteristics Training Application

This online training tool displays head-end video of a railroad’s territory, coupled with linear track charts. The video automatically stops at each PC and both the mile post and explanation of the PCs are displayed, while the location itself is marked on the linear track chart. This application also includes detailed diagrams of stations, yards, and interlockings, including switch numbers and signal numbers.

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Our innovative web-based application combines video and track charts for a seamless training experience.

Our innovative web-based application combines video and track charts for a seamless training experience.

This is an efficient way to significantly improve PC training for new and experienced employees and contractors. Utilizing this video-based PC Training Application enables workers to learn PCs in a shorter period of time and better retain the information, producing better qualified workers, a safer work environment, and reduced training costs.

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Users can control the playback speed, track locations, and video while using the PC Training Application.

This video-based program is not intended to replace the actual live observation of the territory but enhances what is observed and learned on familiarization rides by providing 24/7 access to review PCs in a virtual format.

Rule of the Day App

The customizable, user-friendly “Rule of the Day” App can be configured to deliver the Safety Rule of the Day for any railroad. Each daily rule is accompanied by a photo to help workers remember it. The app can house multiple sets of daily safety rules if different departments require separate options.
Knowing the Safety Rule of the Day for their railroad is part of the life of a railroader. But it has always been a cumbersome task to look up the rule number for each day and then search through the operating and safety rule book to find the right one. The Rule of the Day App makes this task fast and easy – just open the app and the rule of the day is immediately displayed with its corresponding picture.

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The app, available for iOS and Android®, makes it easy for railroad workers to find each day’s applicable safety rule.


If you are interested in working with RailPros to develop this type of physical characteristics training for your territory, or have questions about how to implement the Rule of the Day App for your teams, please contact us .