Services performed under live operating conditions come with unique responsibilities. RailPros earns the trust of our clients by keeping safety top-of-mind and operations running with minimal interruptions.

Each day across the nation, RailPros dispatches hundreds of rail professionals to job sites that require track inspections, flagging services, construction management and observation, Railroad coordination, utility permitting, and real estate and development services. Many of our staff are previous Railroad employees with deep roots in the rail industry who have the experience, training, and certifications necessary to keep projects running safely and efficiently for the many railroads, public agencies, cities, and private entities who rely on us.

We model our in-field behaviors in a way that reflects the safety values and standard practices of the rail industry, completing each job in accordance with regulations, industry standards, and best practices, budget, and schedules. As conditions change and needs arise, RailPros can quickly mobilize to provide qualified staff on short notice, saving our clients time, money, and staff resources. That’s why RailPros is a trusted provider of Field Services to all seven Class 1 Railroads, as well as hundreds of public agencies and private entities throughout the United States.
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