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With decades of first-hand experience in the railroad industry, our highly qualified Roadway Workers In Charge (RWICs) — commonly called "flaggers" or "EICs" — are ready for any type of railroad project: large or small, short-term or long-term. RailPros has flagged for numerous capital and maintenance-of-way projects along the railroads, including double track and siding construction, track rehabilitation, yard reconstruction, quiet zone construction, utility installations, and surveys.

Not Just Another Flagging Company

Railroad safety is paramount to us as an employer. Our eRailSafe qualified and On-Track Safety qualified RWIC staff can rapidly mobilize to new locations and provide consistently safe and reliable Rail Flagging services support for your operation. RailPros uses GPS-enabled devices to monitor all field staff locations and movements continuously. In addition to safety and operations improvements, the GPS data enables accurate reporting and billing for our clients.

We regularly test and audit our staff for railroad safety compliance, conducting regular safety calls, onsite meetings, and inspections to provide the best possible service. RailPros' RWIC/flagging services are utilized by numerous companies and agencies across the United States and Canada, including short lines, Class 1s, and commuter agencies.


RailPros’ Administrative Information and Logistics System (RAILS)

RailPros has developed its RAILS website, which continues to expand and evolve to meet customers’ needs. The site generates job numbers for each customer project for reference in the RAILS system and stores documents online with easy access for viewing. All billing information is also available in the system for invoicing and other accounting functions. Every update made to a record is timestamped. RailPros continues to update this system and make changes to better serve our customers and all their needs. RAILS also gives us the ability to generate reports for all flagging jobs in the system, including Daily Work Reports (DWR), schedules, field audits, and billing. Our RAILS customer portal gives you access to set up your account and fill out all information online in the RAILS system to initiate flagging for an upcoming job, then tracks the steps and schedule of each future railroad project.

On-Track Supplemental Safety App for Improved Flagging Safety

RailPros’ RWICs use a proprietary app called “On-Track Supplemental Safety (OTSS)” to prevent safety incidents from occurring, such as misplaced flags or flags being left on the right of way, misplaced switch locks, and derails, and also allows Lone Workers to report on and off duty. We understand the complexity of the RWIC’s duties and continue to create more proficient tools and technology to enhance safety and streamline these flagging duties. The OTSS app adds an additional level of roadway worker protection for RailPros employees in the field.

OTSS is also a powerful “no-touch” job briefing tool that digitizes the job briefing process and keeps employees safer in the current COVID-19 landscape. The use of this feature eliminates the need to utilize a pass-around sign-in sheet. Instead, workers can scan a QR code generated by our RWIC, which takes them to a secure, military-encrypted, custom site where they enter their name and number and acknowledge the briefing given to them. Each person that acknowledges the briefing will receive a digital copy that can be referenced in a safe place throughout the day. As activities on the job site change, the briefing is updated with the group and acknowledged.

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