RailPros’ WMATA Team Pays It Forward

RailPros prides itself in employing individuals who not only possess a high level of skill, but also maintain a strong moral character that aligns with our values as a company. When we discover benevolent acts carried out by the members of our expansive team, we are proud to acknowledge them.

RailPros is currently working on a project for the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) in Washington D.C. Because these employees come from all corners of the country, they often call hotels home. A group of track inspectors staying in the Residence Inn at Alexandria met a hotel staff member named Ronnie Morris. Ronnie is an incredibly dedicated employee of the hotel who consistently goes above and beyond the requirements of his job for guests of the hotel. As our inspectors became more familiar with this young man, they learned he was facing a personal struggle.

Ronnie’s commute to and from work is far from convenient. Public transportation isn’t an ideal option for him, so the only alternative was his bicycle. While this worked for a time, his bike was recently damaged in an accident and could no longer be ridden. As a result, Ronnie has been walking 90 minutes each way to and from work. The RailPros team members appreciated Ronnie’s dedication and strong work ethic and wanted to do something to help this very deserving individual.

RJ Lisk, Juan Alonso, Terry Lee, Justin Pairman, Bill Pairman, Chuck Edwards, Anthony Summers, Judi Summers (not pictured), and Ed Ransom decided to purchase a brand-new ride for their brand-new friend (pictured from right to left).

You may never know the full effect that “paying it forward” can have in the world, and although these gentlemen weren’t looking for results or recognition from this gesture, RailPros is honored to have employees who perform such generous acts of kindness.