Strategic consulting railroad construction.


The experienced staff of experts at RailPros provide a wide array of specialized services to freight railroads, commuter and transit agencies, short lines, and industrial operators.

Strategic consulting lead.

Mark Wheeland
Strategic Consulting Lead

  • Rules, Procedures, and Standards
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Industrial Railroad Training
  • Market Analysis and Research
  • Financial and Budget Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring & KPI Development
  • Infrastructure Assessment, Planning, and Capacity Building
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Service Interruption Advisory

As a recognized leader in the rail industry, RailPros is known for our insight and expertise in railway engineering for railroad tracks, railroad site infrastructure, track layout, and railroad development projects. Founded in 2000, we have grown rapidly, but always remained dedicated to protecting the best interests of our clients and partners. Over two decades later, we still offer the same attention to detail, principal-level involvement, and thoughtful consideration of our customer’s needs that gave us our start.

Railroad Experts at Your Service

The RailPro team of railroad professionals with expertise in every area of rail, specializing in strategic planning, passenger rail operations, market analysis, engineering, infrastructure inspection and assessment, training, and risk management. We design, manage construction, and lead projects on operating passenger and freight rail carriers safely and without impact to existing rail service. Our team of experts and engineers stays at the top of the field through active involvement in rail industry professional organizations. We are also active participants in developing the railroad industry’s railway engineering standards and best practices, so you can trust that our understanding of the railroad industry is always on the cutting edge. Every day, our team of railroad professionals assists freight railroads, short lines, passenger agencies, and industrial rail operations across North America to optimize their railroads, plans, and operations.



Rules, Procedures, and Standards

We are qualified to perform general safety audits and provide recommendations for improvement. This includes audit and development of rule books, timetables, operating manuals and standards for compliance and continuity. We can provide clear and consistent guidance to operators as well as those developing new rail projects.

Regulatory Compliance

We’re experts in safety and regulatory compliance. We can help you evaluate operations, practices, and programs to help you drive a safety-conscious culture for your team and your clients. Our qualified personnel can help ensure your employees and operations are complying with all regulations.

Industrial Railroad Training

Training is a key component for any successful company and is often a regulatory requirement as well. We provide both custom and ‘off the shelf’ training for all rail-based operations and industrial plant disciplines, designed for non-railroad employees working in and around facilities that interface with rail. This program covers the basics of railroading and critical elements of railroading safety. We also offer training compliant with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA).

Market Analysis and Research

Our team of Railroad Experts will conduct a competitive market analysis and provide you with strategies for successfully approaching rail industry partners and developing customers.

Financial and Budget Analysis

We perform financial and budget analyses for public and private clients across the country, providing detailed assessments of the operational and financial viability of operations and projects (including; feasibility studies, startup costing, operations planning, operating and maintenance cost estimating).

Performance Monitoring & KPI Development

Our experts will define and document critical performance measurements and develop, monitor, and analyze KPIs to assist you with setting targets; implementing improvements; tracking performance; and learning from results to achieve operational and safety improvements.

Infrastructure Assessment, Planning, and Capacity Building

We can provide detailed track, bridge, and signal assessments to assist railroads, public agencies, and financial institutions with facilitating maintenance and capital planning, cost to cure forecasting, track asset valuations.

Operational Efficiencies

Whether you are seeking to improve existing rail operations or are planning to build a new terminal or facility, our team’s expertise with railroad design, rail operations planning, and safety and training services will ensure safety and success for your operation

Service Interruption Advisory

We have a thorough understanding of rail safety requirements and engineering operations, providing cost-effective and innovative solutions for routine design and construction management and on-call emergency response, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

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