Facilitator Training


In response to our current state, RailPros has decided to cancel all facilitator seminars for the foreseeable future. This is to protect our valued customers, as well as our employees.

In an effort to continue to provide our customers with options to maintain CSX and NS certifications, training can now be experienced in one of two ways. First, CSX and NS RWP courses are both available online. These courses are self-led and can be completed at the employee’s convenience. Second, CSX and NS RWP will be offered as a virtual class. These courses will be pre-scheduled, with registration to be made available on our new system. If you have a larger audience, contact us, as we can schedule a virtual class just for your group. All options provide your employees with the required certification to work on CSX and NS properties, now without the cost of travel!

Please contact us at 866-479-8462 or by using our Contact Us form with questions – we are happy to assist!

Qualified 2020 Facilitators, 2021 Update

If you participated in our CSX or NS Facilitator Seminars in 2020 and are still qualified to lead training, you will need to contact us to place an order for any required student materials. Call 866-479-8462 and press ‘0’ for the operator, or email [email protected] In your message, please provide your full name, facilitator number, company, shipping address, phone number, email, total number of student materials required to support the instruction, and specify either CSX, NS or both. We will be in touch shortly thereafter to process payment and confirm shipping details.

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