Bridge Worker Safety Standards and Fall Protection Training (49 CFR 214 Subpart B)


Designed for individuals performing work on railroad bridges, this course familiarizes the student with the FRA Bridge Worker Safety Standards (49 CFR 214 Subpart B) and covers some common safe job procedures for working on and around railroad bridges.


This course is divided into eleven modules and includes class exercises and module reviews to ensure each student understands the intent and application of the rules. Modules are:

  • Module 1: Code of Federal Regulations
  • Module 2: Terms & Definitions
  • Module 3: Intro to Railroad Bridges
  • Module 4: Fall Protection, When & Where Required
  • Module 5: Fall Protection Systems & Practices
  • Module 6: Safety Net Systems
  • Module 7: Fall Rescue
  • Module 8: Working Over or Adjacent to Water
  • Module 9: Scaffolding
  • Module 10: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Module 11: Have A Plan!


This course requires 3 hours to complete.


This course is a dynamic, instructor-led program that uses multi-media presentations, class exercises and scenario discussions to help engage students and improve comprehension and retention. As always, safety is a key focus of the course along with regulatory compliance. Each student is provided with a Student Workbook that they may take with them following the course and use as a quick reference guide once out in the field.

NOTE: Customization to meet your Railroad’s Bridge Worker Policy is available for this course.

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