Track Safety Standards (49 CFR 213)


Designed for individuals responsible for the inspection and maintenance of track, this training will acquaint the student with the Track Safety Standards prescribed by Federal Regulation, as well as the means to detect deviations from these standards and prescribe appropriate remedial action to correct or safely compensate for these deviations. This course includes both classroom instruction and field exercises. RailPros offers both an initial training program for those new to the role, as well as refresher training for veteran inspectors.


This training plan is designed for both experienced and non-experienced personnel. The following will be covered during the classroom training:

  • Origins and Scope of FRA 213
  • Track Safety Standards 213, Subpart A
  • Track Safety Standards 213, Subpart B Roadbed
  • Track Safety Standards 213, Subpart C Track Geometry
    • Bonus content: String lining a curve
  • Track Safety Standards 213, Subpart D Track Structure
  • Track Safety Standards 213, Subpart E Track Appliances
  • Track Safety Standards 213, Subpart F Inspection
  • Track Safety Standards 213, Subpart G Track Classes 6 and Higher


This class requires 4 days (32 hours) of class instruction and 1 day (8 hrs) of field training and exercises.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will understand the minimum safety requirements for a railroad track to comply with 49 CFR 213 and will have practiced the skills necessary to inspect the track for compliance to keep your railroad operating safely. Students are provided useful tools, workbooks, and exercises throughout the 49 CFR 213 training.

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