RailPros has been providing on-call project and CM services for BART on Bond Measure Railroad rehabilitation project. Our current on-call program management. The rehabilitation project to renew the entire BART infrastructure located within San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties, on the A-Line, C-Line, R-Line, and M-Line. RailPros’ role is to provide (PM)/CM services to all BART track related Measure Rail Roady projects and make recommendations for future projects as needed. The combined expected cost of all track-related projects is $625 million.

This work includes all drainage facilities (bridges, culverts, and grading on the right of-way), turnouts, rail, ties, undercutting, road crossings, bridge rehabilitation work, station upgrades that are track-related, and design reviews. In addition, other asset projects are being undertaken such as system joint elimination, concrete tie replacement, rail and frog grinding, and all existing wood-tie interlockings and switches are being replaced and upgraded to concrete ties.

To date, the following projects have been completed or are ongoing: A15 Interlocking ($11 million), M03 Interlocking ($8 million), C35 Interlocking ($15 million), C55 Interlocking ($12 million). Upcoming projects include: C25 Interlocking, A65 Interlocking, A75 Interlocking, A77 Interlocking, A85 Interlocking, R65 Interlocking, K-Line Interlocking.

In addition, as a subconsultant under several firms, RailPros performed numerous design and project management tasks including track, station and facility design, conceptual design for system expansion, and a variety of staff support functions. Tasks included planning, design, project management, project controls, property negotiation, construction and maintenance agreements, permitting, design review, construction management, third-party coordination, and design support during construction. Railway Engineering disciplines have included track and station, transit/rail, and civil and structural engineering. Additional services have included constructability analyses, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), peer review, permitting, estimating, and scheduling.