SCRRA State of Good Repair

SCRRA State of Good Repair - RailPros Projects

Metrolink’s State of Good Repair (SOGR) Program exists to take inventory of the entire system’s assets – such as train vehicles, tracks, systems, and facilities – and determine repairs, upgrades, and replacements as needed to ensure safe, reliable operations. SOGR projects are funded by local transit agencies, as well as by federal grants.

RailPros is currently providing Construction Management services for Metrolink SOGR projects systemwide – primarily track-related facilities. By the end of our current contract, RailPros will have overseen upwards of 60 rehabilitation projects including bridges, crossings, and station upgrades. RailPros also provides document control under this contract, handling requests for information, various reports, and public outreach.

One of RailPros’ most significant efforts under the SOGR contract was developing a comprehensive, easily accessible system to track and organize all SOGR data, which helps streamline project planning needs. Additionally, RailPros was instrumental in the development of the Metrolink Rehabilitation Plan (MRP), a comprehensive report on the state of Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) member agency assets. This report breaks down asset conditions and costs of required rehabilitation work, which guides SCRRA in prioritizing, budgeting, and scheduling each project.

The State of Good Repair (SOGR) Priority Rehabilitation. RailPros provides CM services to all SOGR projects and makes recommendations for future projects as needed. The SOGR projects constitute an overall rehabilitation of all SCRRA’s track-related facilities on the Metrolink system. RailPros also provides document control on the SOGR contract, handle requests for information, submittals review and approval, material quality and verification, inspection reports, production reports, progress reports, disturbance reports, public outreach, and communication with the public outreach department.


RailPros has served SCRRA for State of Good Repair (SOGR) projects from assisting to determine SCRRA’s rehabilitation backlog, to assisting in the delivery of SOGR projects through proven construction management and inspection services. I would use RailPros on future SOGR projects.”



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