RailPros Chosen to Manage Environmental Right of Entry Program for Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern Railway Company, on behalf of itself and its operating subsidiaries, (collectively, NS) is pleased to announce the selection of RailPros to manage the NS Environmental Right of Entry (EROE) application and permitting process.

Effective in February, RailPros began management of the program and it will transition to a fully online application management system. RailPros provides a fully integrated approach that can advance the work from the initial application until termination of the EROE Agreement. The RailPros team will be engaged in comprehensive oversight of the entire process, including application intake, plan review, approval, preparation and distribution of the right of entry license, and coordination of protection services, as well as collection of all application and applicable fees.

Applications will be submitted through the NS Application Permitting portal introduced last year for NS’s pipe and wire program. The system provides real-time updates and status to RailPros, NS, and applicants. Review the EROE application instructions and Frequently Asked Questions on the portal homepage for more information.

We realize this is a change and stand committed to working together to ensure that NS, RailPros, and applicants experience a smooth integration to the new processes and procedures. RailPros is committed to providing additional support as needed during the transition period. For questions and guidance, call (402) 965-0539 or email [email protected].

About RailPros

RailPros, founded in 2000, is a comprehensive provider of outsource services to the freight and transit/commuter rail industries. RailPros provides turnkey engineering, project/program, and construction management, and flagging safety services to both public and private customers. In addition, RailPros has training and media production capabilities. Over the years, RailPros has continuously introduced new services to its customer base, furthering its position as a trusted and industry-dedicated technical services partner. Recognized as an industry leader, RailPros has rapidly expanded throughout the country, now servicing customers in all 50 states. RailPros has 14 offices nationwide with headquarters in Irving, Texas.