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Safety Training by RailPros

RailPros' training division was created to provide a wide range of quality, high-impact training, and support services to the railroad industry. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop and deliver Railroad Engineering, Transportation, Mechanical, and Policies and Procedures training services. Our training experts support the safety, compliance, and on-the-job performance of your team with decades of experience teaching and developing curriculum specifically for the railroad industry, including Class I railroads, short lines, commuter agencies, contractors, consultants, and the Department of Defense.

Courses are available remotely, on-site, and online and are customizable to meet the specific needs of each client. Because of the knowledge and experience of our team, we understand the high-consequence railroad environment and deliver training that helps our clients get in compliance and perform safely and efficiently.

Our staff is uniquely comprised of experienced railroad professionals. They share directly from their backgrounds in planning, developing, implementing, and managing a wide variety of departments and positions at railroads or regulatory agencies.

Engineering Training Services

▶ FRA Track Safety Standards (49 CFR 213)
▶ FRA Roadway Worker Protection (49 CFR
▶ FRA Bridge Worker Fall Protection (49 CFR
▶ FRA Roadway Maintenance Machine (49
CFR 214)
▶ Rail Inspection and Grading
▶ Crosstie Inspection
▶ Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Inspection
▶ Compliance Audits/Assessments
▶ Maintenance Planning/Budgeting
▶ MOW Database Analysis and Reconciliation

Mechanical Training Services

▶ FRA Freight Car Safety Standards (49 CFR 215)
▶ FRA Locomotive Safety Standards (49 CFR 229)
▶ FRA Brake System Safety Standards (49 CFR 232)
▶ FRA Railroad Safety Appliance Standards (49
CFR 231)
▶ Basic Locomotive Air Brake Maintenance

Transportation Training Services

▶ New Hire Training (Train, Engine & Yard Service)
▶ Locomotive Engineer Training (49 CFR 240)
▶ Remote Control Locomotive Operator Training
(49 CFR 240)
▶ Train Dispatcher Training
▶ FRA Brake System Safety Standards (49 CFR 232)
▶ Operating Rules and Practices
▶ Labor Relations

Industrial Training Services

▶ Introduction to Railroad Safety Concepts
▶ Industrial Locomotive Operator Training
▶ Freight Car Air Brake Training
▶ Train Accident Investigation
▶ Operating Rules and Practices
▶ Audits and Assessments

Other Training Services

▶ Signal & Communication Operational Safety
▶ Compliance Auditing Training

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