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RailPros brings an unmatched depth of experience in Class 1 and commuter railway project Construction Management services, specifically including task order assignments and stand-alone contracts. We are proven experts in delivering projects under compressed construction schedules via Absolute Work Windows on high-density operating railroads; Our teams work directly with agency stakeholders to expedite successful solutions. Our portfolio of comprehensive CM capabilities includes providing construction managers, resident engineers, office engineers, schedulers, inspectors, safety officers, and administrative staff with a keen understanding of all necessary phases of rail construction.

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Our teams bring dedicated rail expertise, project experience, relationships, and knowledge to national and local railroad agencies and third parties.

This experience provides an understanding of typical challenges in rail CM and opportunities where RailPros can offer creative solutions to various complexities that may arise throughout the duration of a project. Our CM staff emphasizes establishing and monitoring schedules and budgets while developing innovative solutions to project challenges, which allows our team to be responsive, flexible, and efficient, yet keeps client goals and interests as the top priority.

Our internal safety and training programs – and our strategic hiring of skilled CM personnel – give us the confidence to oversee safety-sensitive activities across numerous railroads. Over one-third of our employees are former railroad industry professionals who bring valuable knowledge and expertise from working in operating railroad environments. Our teams understand the intricacies of constructing track projects of all sizes and types, including special trackwork requirements, and how to connect new rail projects to existing rail systems with minimal operational disruption.

As a result of recent successful CM contracts, we’ve developed and improved processes that incorporate critical lessons learned in asset management, asset valuation, and end-project tracking. As an added value to our clients, we reinforce these lessons with our entire CM team as they take on each new challenge. Some of these lessons learned include:

  1. Standardized and regular condition assessments are a critical first step. Without good data collection processes, everything else can be negatively affected. RailPros has developed regular inspection schedules, standardized rehabilitation criteria, and contractual partnerships to help with this data collection.
  2. Project databases can become inefficient quickly. Therefore, rigorous asset hierarchies and actively maintained databases are needed to manage collected data. Once data is collected, careful planning occurs to confirm that it is tracked accurately over time, is readily accessible to multiple stakeholders within an agency, and can be rolled up and summarized effectively.
  3. Full potential cost breakdowns are incredibly useful. Concurrent with asset condition data collection efforts, we work with each asset owner to understand the actual cost of replacing the asset, both in materials, labor, and schedule. We also collect information regarding outage restrictions and other limitations to guarantee that we do not plan for more work to occur than capacity allows.

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