Roadway Maintenance Machines (49 CFR 214 Subpart D)


This program is designed for contractors and railroad employees who operate, inspect, or repair on-track roadway maintenance machines and hi-rail vehicles. The railroad training class provides guidance that enables companies to comply with 49 CFR 214 Subpart D, On-Track Roadway Maintenance Machines and Hi- Rail Vehicles. While this course does not address the necessary qualifications to operate specific equipment, it does outline what every operator of any roadway maintenance machine or hi-rail vehicle must know to ensure his or her equipment complies.


This video-based railway training program is divided into a Welcome section and three modules:

  • Welcome
    • Safety Briefing
    • Facilitator and Participant Introductions
    • Training Overview and Goals
  • Module 1
    • Introduction
    • Terms and Definitions
    • General Safety
  • Module 2
    • Visual and Audio Devices
    • Environmental Systems
  • Module 3
    • Inspection and Repairs
    • Good Faith Challenge
    • Lockout/Tagout
    • Scheduling Repairs
    • Towing
    • Housekeeping

Each module ends with Module Review quiz.


This class requires about 4 hours to complete. However, more experienced operators may require less class-time than a new operator with little or no experience.


The successful student of this course will have the knowledge and understanding necessary to become a safer machine operator through effective and compliant RMM and hi-rail inspections and up-keep. Following successful completion, each student will be provided a Certificate of Completion.

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