Mobile Crane Training


When a roadway worker is tasked with operating roadway maintenance machines equipped with cranes, federal regulations 49 CFR 243* and 49 CFR 214 subpart C require that employee receives additional training and be qualified on the specific type of machine to be operated. This instructor-led training class will qualify mobile crane machine operators with the basic awareness required to operate standard crane-equipped roadway machines. This course places heavy emphasis on safety and communication, the focus always on improving the safety of your machine operators and ground crew, while protecting railroad property.


This class is designed for both experienced and non-experienced operators and covers the following:

  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: General Crane Safety
    • Regulations
    • Machine Safety Requirements
    • Working on Machines
      • Walking
      • Mounting & Dismounting
      • Riding
    • Work Zones – Working Around Maintenance Machines
      • Spacing
      • Ground crew
      • Communications
  • Module 2: Inspections
    • Regulations
    • Crane specifics
    • Non-compliant components & Repairs
  • Module 3: Work Site Safety
  • Module 4: Operating Procedures
    • Job Safety Briefings
    • Reading a Load Chart
    • Rigging Safely (Overview – not a rigging certification course)
    • Towing
    • Machine Start-Up
    • Maintaining Proper Speed
    • Highway Grade Crossings
    • Shut down & parking
    • Crane Specific Tasks & Procedures:
      • Jib Crane
      • Knuckle Boom Crane
      • Grapple Crane
      • Tie Handler
      • Backhoe (not considered a crane under FRA regulations but can still be included at customer’s request)


This class requires 4 hours to complete.


Prior to taking this Mobile Crane course, students must have successfully completed the Roadway Maintenance Machine course (both can be taught in conjunction). This course covers the basics of roadway maintenance machine safety and operation which is primary to understanding the safety and operation of crane equipped machines.

This course does not fulfill regulatory requirements for operators of locomotive cranes, little giant cranes, burro cranes or hydraulic boom trucks. Machine-specific training for these larger cranes requires an OSHA-certified crane training organization.

* Operators are required to participate in on-the-job training following this course to be fully compliant with 49 CFR 243.

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