DSC Roadway Worker Protection

Roadway Worker Protection (also known as On-Track Safety) regulations can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Subtitle B, Chapter II, Part 214. The Rule was written to prevent accidents and injuries to employees and contractors caused by moving railroad cars, locomotives, or roadway maintenance machines striking roadway workers or roadway maintenance machines. The Roadway Worker Protection Rule requires railroads and contractors to railroads to develop and adopt procedures to protect their roadway worker employees from being struck by trains and other on-track machinery. The Rule also requires roadway workers to follow the on-track safety procedures to protect themselves and others dependent upon them. Each railroad employer is required to have in place an on-track safety program, including rules, procedures, training, and equipment, to be used for the protection of roadway workers.

The federal government has imposed fines for non-compliance with this part for good reason. Failure to comply with the regulation could result in serious injury, death, or damage to property and/or equipment. 214.343 outlines the requirements for training and qualifications. RailPros has approved programs that not only satisfy the requirements of 214.343 but also Part 243.

At RailPros, we take training very seriously. We believe training is paramount in preparing a railroad employee or railroad contractor for the safe performance of the duties of a roadway worker. In 2019, the FRA approved RailPros as a provider of Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) training, and several other roadway workplace and track safety courses. Whether a project requires basic roadway worker duties or more specialized skills RailPros has the approved curriculum affording access to railroad properties like:

Brightline, CSX, DART, Florida East Coast Railway, Genesee and Wyoming, Housatonic, KCS, KCSM, Montana Rail Link, Norfolk Southern, RailUSA, SEPTA Transit, Union Pacific, and Wheeling & Lake Erie.

Our Roadway Worker Protection curriculum educates roadway workers on 49 CFR 214 Parts A & C and the required safety rules and processes for each corresponding railroad, aiding in the prevention of accidents caused by moving railroad cars, locomotives, or roadway maintenance machines striking roadway workers or roadway maintenance machines.

With the completion of any one of our RWP courses, the participant will be able to:

  • Follow specific rail line/carrier requirements
  • Understand and comply with 49 CFR 214 subparts A & C
  • Identify when and where roadway worker protection is required
  • Understand on-track safety protection procedures
  • Define keywords associated with Roadway Worker Protection
  • Recognize hazards associated with working on or about railroad track
  • Participate actively in job safety briefings
  • Follow direction from a Roadway Worker in Charge / Employee in Charge

Why choose RailPros?

This is a very good question. We realize there are choices when looking for training of your workforce. While it is true that we are the largest provider of Railroad training in the United States, that alone is not why our customers choose us. There is so much more. We don’t just use PowerPoints; we have a complete production studio that augments the training with video-based training. We also have an animation team second to none which further augments the training material.

Have you ever attended a training class and looked back wondering what you learned, or how to apply what you learned? We have too and have built our training programs to ensure a successful transfer of learning occurs so you not only get what you paid for, but also that you can use what you paid for!!!

Here are some key points of our training which have received positive feedback from our clients:

online RWP training

Training Delivery

We offer multiple modes of delivery. Our online training offering is a convenient way to complete your training and best of all you get an electronic or physical badge as well as a training record that is kept in our Learning Management System and fully compliant with 49 CFR Part 243 requirements. The badge and records are also included with all our training. Many of our clients request a more personal hands-on approach and so we offer instructor-led training from the best and brightest subject matter experts in the industry. Not only do our trainers have the experience but most are certified as Instructional Trainers through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. We also offer Hybrid training experiences, webinars, and field hands-on training and mentoring. With our multiple delivery choices, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got this!!

Program Design

When we design our programs, our team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) get together to discuss what is important and what trends they are seeing in the classroom/field when teaching. We are all too familiar with the PowerPoint training approach which we avoid as much as possible. A successful training program starts with a needs assessment and progresses to the curriculum, course design and then curation. This process is imperative and far superior to pulling the content from the code of federal regulations (CFR) and placing it into a presentation. When choosing RailPros you can be confident the curriculum is up to date, well organized, and easily accessible.

Future of Training

We believe in training and what it can do for your organization both now, and in the future. We recognize the return on investment is not always easy to see. By using RailPros, the performance of your team will be increased, but more importantly, their knowledge of the safety rules and their ability to apply the rules toward the safe performance of their duties will be greatly enhanced. As recognized leaders in the railroad training space, we can assure our clients nothing but the best training in the industry.

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