RailPros is working on a two-year contract to provide Advanced Mobile Flagging (AMF) for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Under this contract, we provide flagging services for track workers and maintenance activities in close proximity to the railroad right-of-way throughout the WMATA system. We anticipate training and dispatching a team of 30-50 employees to provide these safety protection services for WMATA. RailPros began their relationship with WMATA by providing track inspection services that covered all WMATA metro lines. RailPros provided inspectors that were FRA 213-qualified and had 10 years of experience for this safety-sensitive role.

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) is America’s third-largest heavy rail transit system, providing over 174 million rides to rail passengers each year. With 117 miles of track and 91 stations throughout the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland, compliance with FRA Track Safety Standards (TSS) is critical to public safety and on-time train schedules. To ensure their track and infrastructure remained in compliance, WMATA sought outside help.

RailPros mobilized and had “boots on the ground” to WMATA within three days of the Notice to Proceed. The initial team of 10 Track Inspectors and one Project Manager all met WMATA’s stringent qualifications requirements. The exceptional work performed by the RailPros team prompted WMATA to extend the contract and request 10 additional Track Inspectors, a Special Detail Inspector, and administration support from RailPros.

In addition, RailPros was also selected to provide Advanced Mobile Flaggers (AMF) services for WMATA. The contract which began in 2018 provides 30 flaggers and four supervisors for the WMATA system.

RailPros conducts routine track inspections that help keep WMATA in regulatory compliance while decreasing service interruptions and schedule delays. The inspections cite immediate track issues and aid in the development of short- and long-term maintenance plans for the Agency.

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