RailPros RWIC Program

Dedication to Safety

What Do RWICs Do?

A Roadway Worker In Charge (RWIC), also known as a flagman, CIC, or EIC in different locations, is responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals who are working on, or who have the potential to obstruct, the railroad right of way. RWICs are trained in federal and local railroad rules, policies, and procedures to communicate with train operators and dispatchers regarding daily work activities, and to keep workgroups and equipment from interfering with the safe movement of rail traffic.

With decades of first-hand experience, our highly qualified Roadway Workers In Charge (RWIC) are ready for any type of project: large or small, short-term or long-term. RailPros has protected numerous capital and maintenance-of-way projects, including double track and siding construction, track rehabilitation, yard reconstruction, quiet zone construction, utility installations, and surveys.

  • Our eRailSafe qualified and On-Track Safety qualified RWIC staff can rapidly mobilize to a new location and provide maximum protection for your operation.
  • RailPros uses GPS-enabled devices for continuous monitoring of all field staff locations and activities. In addition to the apparent safety and operational improvements, the GPS location information also provides accurate reporting and billing for our clients.
  • Our staff is trained and ready to serve. We regularly test and audit our staff, conducting regular conference calls, on-site meetings, and inspections to ensure the safest and most reliable service is always provided.
  • RailPros' flagging services are utilized by numerous companies and agencies across the country, including Class 1, regional and short line railroads, and commuter and transit agencies.