Rail Signal and System Control


Modern train control systems, especially the likes of CBTC and PTC, need to be able to communicate detailed information about train locations to create more efficient and safe ways to improve headways and manage railway traffic. This requires uncommon expertise by industry experts to develop bid documents and create an interface design that can send all this information to control centers and the riding public. RailPros provides the industry with an array of rail signal and system control services all within one firm. RailPros’ team of signal experts has experience working on Class 1 railroads, commuter and passenger rail service, and short line/industry rail. Our team has years of hands-on railroad signal experience, working through the complex issues to address what the railroad needs and what the FRA requires.

Our signal services include wayside signal design, PTC design, PTC mapping, and associated communication systems. RailPros also has extensive experience and expertise in crossing design, crossing surveys, and diagnostic support. Our team of qualified professionals includes CAD technicians and safety checkers that can perform in-service changes to existing plan sets, as well as safety checks on existing and new signal designs.

RailPros also has a team that performs crossing and signal inspections, including all required FRA test-and-inspections. As we perform these required tests, we will fill out the required FRA documentation and store it for our clients in our document control system. We also offer a call-out system for these assets and will coordinate and dispatch personnel to repair any malfunctions of these systems.

RailPros’ Signal team can also provide a review of contractor work. Our Project Managers and Inspectors will observe and document that all work is installed, tested, and working in compliance with equipment specifications, company standards, and industry best practices. Our team can also provide cutover planning and support to commission new signal equipment safely while ensuring minimal impact on operations.

We also offer qualified signal designers and signalmen to supplement your workforce, whether full- or part-time, who will keep your project on schedule and improve your project outcomes. Our team of experts provides engineering, technical services, maintenance, and field support for rail systems that provide communication, propulsion power, smart vehicle technologies, and right-of-way within the transit industry.

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