San Mateo Bridges, Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board

Caltrain, in cooperation, with the City of San Mateo, replaced four rail bridges in San Mateo’s North Central Neighborhood that were 100 years old and did not meet current seismic safety standards. State and Federal design requirements, and the City of San Mateo’s desire for increased vehicular clearances on city streets, required raising the height of the tracks throughout project area. To accommodate this height increase, new retaining walls and fencing were constructed on the Caltrain right of way (ROW). The project ensures that the bridges are safe and equipped to meet the region’s future transportation needs, including new electrified rail service, and improved traffic flow on city streets. The bridges are located at Tilton, Monte Diablo, Santa Inez, and Poplar Avenues. Caltrain ROW in this area is sandwiched between densely populated residential areas. The track height increase required removal of vegetation, including shrubs, weeds, bushes and trees, on Caltrain property. RailPros provided the Resident Engineer and track inspection.

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