CSX Railroad Safety Training

With 4,000 to 8,200 employees spread across 23 states, CSX Transportation Engineering Department safety managers are challenged with ensuring their required railroad training is delivered in a consistent but engaging way each year. While the rules do not typically change, employees' expectations and learning styles do, so CSX turns to Roadway Worker Training (RWT) - a division of RailPros - each year to develop a day-long program that helps instructors deliver multiple training topics effectively and confidently, including: Railroad safety rules Operating rules Roadway Worker Protection Bridge worker safety standards Various other programs RWT helps design and develop each program, including presentation materials (videos, PowerPoints, interactive media, handouts, etc.); facilitators guide; glass interactions and games; and, exams. Since beginning work with safety managers on these programs in 2002, the departmental Frequency Index (FI) has dropped an industry worst to an industry best at .87 for 2018 despite major disruptions in the company.

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